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ContentDoes American Addiction Centers Offer 12 Step AA Programs?Explore Aftercare: A Lifeline after TreatmentSTART YOUR RECOVERY JOURNEY TODAYHolistic TreatmentDating In Early RecoveryHow do behavioral therapies treat drug addiction? Recovery Box is a comprehensive toolkit following the 12-step method. The app includes tools from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, with features like a recovery calculator,

People Who Became Successful While in Addiction Recovery

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ContentFamous People in Addiction RecoveryThe recovery community is full of people who use or have used Soberlink and are blazing a new trail in sobriety.I’m Black and I’m Sober: The Timeless Story Of A Woman’s Journey Back To Sanity by Chaney AllenRead More ArticlesI am one year sober today. But, with what felt like a

All About Oxford House, the Self-run, Self-supported Recovery Houses

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ContentDePaul University Research on Oxford HouseOpen HousesSearch for Transitional HousingOxford HouseAbout Oxford House North Shore A house full of sober, recovering alcoholics and drug addicts invites informal AA or NA "meetings after the meeting" and each day finds many informal AA or NA meetings before individual members each go off to their regular AA or

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